Our Wishlist 2017

Children are the most valuable human resource and they are the best hope for the future. This year we have to provide quality education to 1475 learners accommodated in 22 mortar and bricks classrooms and 8 temporary structures.

We have a wide variety of items on our wish-list. We would like to encourage corporates and members of the community to get involved and adopt a minimum of one project a year. We welcome the idea of co-branding in return for your generosity. Every business has its goals and targets which it should achieve. We are a no fee paying school and we are depending on the ring fenced annual grant from the Government. The amounts received are often not sufficient to purchase the larger items required. We therefore rely on the generosity of the active citizens of the world to assist us.

1. Very Important: We need 12 Additional classrooms and 7 Additional toilets. This is to help address overcrowding.

2. Salary of one computer facilitator

3. Interactive intercom system

4. Old paving bricks for 4500 square metres learners’ playground

5. School Bus or School Van.

6. e Beams X 7


Thanking you in anticipation.

Kgamaka M Thobejane

The Principal

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